Who is JEVA?

JEVA is a boutique VA firm that specializes in 

Doing it all, so you don’t have to!

We provide Administrative, Social Media, and Photography services to entrepreneurs looking to take their business up a notch!

With our meticulous attention to detail, we organize and streamline our client’s daily tasks so they can focus on the things they truly love doing. 


Jessica Elizabeth



MEET, Jessica.

As a graduate of the Pre Media and Communications program, Jessica started her working career straight from college in Hospitality & Event Management. Later moving into the Photography industry, she gained several years of experience in customer service, a wide array of business skills, and fed her love for all things creative. 

With a brain for business and a mind in the arts, she was able to bridge her love for both into one.  Finding a way to bring these worlds together allowed her to create her dream job, which will help you create yours. 

Jessica currently resides in Ottawa’s Centretown, which is a mecca of local businesses, restaurants, entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians.  A society of free thinkers, idea makers, and risk takers all after the same goal - taking their passion and making it their dream. Her dream was to help them. To do the things they hate, so they can do the things they love. And in that, JEVA was born. Offering a wide range of both professional, administrative, and creative tasks. Jessica is equally interested in managing your emails as she is in booking your next photo shoot. 

When she’s not busy keeping busy, you can find Jessica spending her time with friends and family, listening to live music, basking in the sunny outdoors, or planning her next backpacking trip. She’s a dog loving, wine drinking city girl - with big ideas and a drive to match!